Summer Newsletter 2020
CIO Review - "Most Promising Dell Solution Providers"

TriCIS Ltd are proud to announce that they have been recognised as one of the most promising DELL solution providers 2020 by the illustrious CIO Review magazine.

In the article our Defence Director Ann-Marie Warner-Read explains some of the challenges in the digital battlefield and how TriCIS by listening and working with our end user community, our Tier 1 partner in DELL and using our peoples talented expertise have overcome those. This is the second award we have received in as many months and our ethos and mission statement to genuinely help the Defence and Government communities is the right direction!

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SME News - 2020 UK Enterprise Awards

TriCIS are proud to be part of the SME business community of the United Kingdom supporting Governments, Military and NATO communities across the globe. We are delighted to have been recognised for our contribution to the SME community.

“SME’s remain the backbone of the UK ensuring the growth of our economy year on year. TriCIS are proud to be part of that backbone" - Antony Summerfield, CEO of TriCIS

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Meet the Team - Jeff Van Horn

Over the last couple of months, we have been introducing the amazing team behind TriCIS. We are a family. We are proud of what we have collectively achieved over the last 3 years and excited for what we can achieve together in the future. One team member featured was Jeff Van Horn.

Hailing from the only state to be a country in its own right - Texas USA, Jeff Van Horn has joined our team in February after a long and illustrious career with DELL EMC. He is our Capability Director and loves to travel the globe. Welcome Jeff – great to have you on board!


TriCIS are proud to announce that have been added to the NCI Agency’s BOA programme. The NCI Agency, NATO’s technology and cyber leaders helps NATO Nations to communicate and work together with industry in smarter ways. The BOA programme provides an accelerated and cost-effective procurement method for products and services.

Benefits include offering standardised contract formats and T&C’s for all suppliers and NATO nations. This allows purchasers to avoid unnecessary and repeated negotiation leading to faster and simpler processing of competitive procurements.
Did you know?

TriCIS are an approved TEMPEST manufacturer who are certified under the NCSC CFTCS scheme which is the formal TEMPEST Certification Scheme for certifying products. This is quite rightly a strict standard and a lot of work. We are proud to be part of this scheme and of our engineering skill which we use to protect and assure Defence, Governments and NATO’s information.

For more information head over to either the NCSC website or ours!

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