6th May 2020

Homeworker Kit: Dell U2419H Monitor

Introducing the the Dell U2419H Monitor! This ultra-thin 23.8″ FHD monitor connects directly to our bespoke D6000 dock via DisplayPort allowing for multi-screen office productivity within […]
20th March 2020

TriCIS Ltd Announces Integration of Teradici Technology with Release of New T-Zero PCoIP® Capability

Teradici and TriCIS Ltd today announced the integration of Teradici PCoIP technology into TriCIS’ new T-Zero PCoIP client. PCoIP Zero Clients allow customers to easily manage […]
2nd March 2020

Product Demos @ DPRTE 2020

TriCIS will be delivering product demos for our rugged range EIEM solution as well as our geofencing capabilities in partnership with DELL and Booz-Allen-Hamilton at DPRTE […]
17th September 2019

DSEI 2019: District Defend Presentation

TriCIS would like to thank everyone who attended DSEI and visited our stall last week! For those interested, we have uploaded the contents of our Booze-Alan […]
12th September 2019

Product Spotlight: PTTUC350 Push-to-Talk Secure Headsets

The TriCIS PTTUC350 headset features exceptional audio clarity, optimized in-person call quality with HD wideband voice. The headset features a physically isolating push-to-talk switch ensuring you […]
12th September 2019

Product Spotlight: TriCIS Rugged Series Laptops

In direct partnership with DELL, TriCIS have launched their flagship rugged range. Available over a range of rugged and TEMPEST ratings, these laptops also feature an […]
11th September 2019

Product Spotlight: TZERO Rugged PCoIP Client

Great news!!! The TZero has passed CFCTS, TEMPEST Level A and Naval below decks Defstan 59-111 so you can have peace of mind with us when […]
6th September 2019

DSEI 2019

Join us next week at DSEI 2019!
5th September 2019

Press Release: Partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton

TriCIS are excited to announce their partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton and the District Defend team for DSEI 2019
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