TriCIS SE-4000-A Mini Catapan
TEMPEST Secured Mini-CATAPAN® Chassis

The TEMPEST enclosure is constructed from lightweight aluminium and provides a robust RFI screened case for installation of a single unmodified Mini-CATAPAN®. The PL and CT wired interfaces are converted to 10/100 fibre optic and device control functions are extended to the enclosure front panel

L3 TRL Technology Mini-CATAPAN® is a pocket-sized device which protects S and TS voice, video and data communications, providing a low through-life cost solution.

Certified to TEMPEST SDIP 27/2 Level A (UK CFTCS)

SKU: SE-4000-A

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  • 100Mbps UK Grade IP Encryption Device
  • Viewing Windows for front panel indicators & asset label
  • Lock-out erase function switch
  • CT and PL via 10/100 duplex fibre optic (rugged ST connectors with protectors)
  • Externally accessible battery charge & CIK


Lightweight aluminium


Mini-CATAPAN clamped in place


High-flow fan / internal directed airflow


Under/over/short circuit protection

EMI Control

AC & DC power filters


10/100BaseFx Duplex fibres

Remote 1

CIK fill & total erase

Remote 2

Battery cell replacement


1U x 327mm W x 395 mm D


< 2kg (includes Mini-CATAPAN @ 566g)

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