User Access Devices

A range of secure user access devices covered by standards such as SDIP 27/2 TEMPEST UK CFTCS, MIL-STD and NCSC compliant cryptographic security
Suitable for civilian or defence deployment, TriCIS have developed and partnered with other like-minded industry drivers to offer a range of secure user access devices.

With over 30 years industry experience, TriCIS are able to supply UADs covering TEMPEST, MIL-STD and cryptographic standards. Our products encompass a broad reach of products and include laptops, workstations, all-in-ones and standalone zero clients.

TriCIS have developed a number of networking devices since their inception, securing our customer's networks from TEMPEST attacks. We work with companies such as Cisco to bring a full suite of products to the table including switches, routers and KVMs, with the possibility of bespoke work for products outside of these catagories

In addition to this, we have our cyber security products such as our TEMPEST L3 Mini-CATAPAN to protect protects S and TS voice, video and data communications.


Networking & Security

A range of secure network & cyber-security devices covered by standards such as SDIP 27/2 TEMPEST UK CFTCS

Communications & Peripherals

Communication & Peripheral devices for secure comms channels. Includes TEMPEST CFTCS products and secure mechanical push-to-talk functionality .
At TriCIS, we recognise the importance of secure communications channels. With our TEMPEST secured video and telecommunications products, we aim to totally secure all vectors. In addition to our standard Level A/B TEMPEST security, we also include options for secure mechanical push-talk switches for audio devices so you can be sure your conversation is heard only when you want.

As a way of enhancing our comms and UAD line-up, we have also developed a number of peripherals including large format printers and screens up to 4K.

TriCIS are in partnership with Booz-Allen-Hamilton to deliver RFID Geofencing technology to the UK. Booz Allen’s District Defend™ product offers a unique mobile device management software that extends security into the operating system’s core processes and firmware.

This solution provides additional security features beyond encryption, allowing the system operator to architect and configure a robust mobile defense without compromising performance or the user experience.


RFID Geofencing

Firmware-level RFID hardware management

Cryptographic & Data-at-Rest

Secure Data-at-rest and In-line Encryption
TriCIS have utilised their unique agreement with Viasat to deliver the EIEM, an integrated in-line encryption module to secure our user's data-at-rest. With TriCIS' own PCB, we are able to impart the same NCSC approved protective layer to an M.2 drive, allowing for faster speeds and different drive sizes to the stock Eclypt drive.

With the changing face of information technology, we recognise the requirement for smaller form factor encryption drives, thus our M.2 solution can be deployed across laptops and SFF PCs without the 2.5" drive bay required to house the traditional Eclypt core.

TriCIS are able to offer a secure kit of IT equipment for distributed working. The kit features a DAR-protected laptop, a shielded dock, a choice of standard or pro push-to-talk headset and a range of optional extras such as additional screens, cloud access software and micro-NG firewalls.


Secure Homeworking

Secure computer equipment for WFM
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