Our Approach

At TriCIS, every single one of our clients is different. We design, engineering, manufacture and test secure integrated solutions that are bespoke to each of their individual needs. So, why would our approach to our service be any different?

We work in collaboration with our clients through our end-to-end process and identify the level of technical support they may require to support and maintain their solutions beyond deployment.

Adopting a Managed Service is for many a way of outsourcing an operational overhead and reducing cost. However, with the right partner there should be many more benefits. Managed Services should be a significant contributing factor to the performance of the company and offer a bespoke solution that fits your requirements. Our aim at TriCIS is to be a Managed Service Provider that does just that.

Whether you choose to outsource your IT help desk or simply need incident management services, we can offer a bespoke range of IT Helpdesk and support contracts that provide you with the benefits of service management, are great value and make sure that your business keeps running.

We also offer a warranty service as part of a broader service contract. Within a warranty contract we would manage the basic level of support provided by the vendor, whereby items affected by manufacturing or quality issues are replaced free of charge as part of our agreement.

Whether you ultimately decide to self-manage your suite of solutions, or opt for a hybrid or fully Managed Service – we’re here to support you every step of the way.