Our Heritage

Cutting edge digital innovation, sovereignty and robust national defence systems are the DNA of TriCIS. Its people have a deep professional and personal interest in UK security.

Founded in 2017 by Antony Summerfield, Tim Luxford and Robert Cook, TriCIS identified an opportunity in TEMPEST technology. Using their collective experience and expertise, they saw a growing need in the market and knew there was a better way of doing things.

CEO Antony has worked extensively in the Defence and Specialist Government arena at CXO level for more than 20 Years. This, combined with Rob Cook’s 30+ years of expertise in Defence and Government, plus formal training at GCHQ and Tim Luxford’s 40 years of extensive knowledge of Defence, enables us to deploy a level of expert industry insight into our customers complex problems and build a world class organisation with innovation, collaboration, customer focused delivery and security at its heart.

The company was founded on a desire to listen to customer needs, establish a thorough understanding of the challenges, go on a journey with the customer and to deliver real solutions that make a real difference to the people on the ground. As a UK Sovereign organisations, this means making the country safer and more secure.

Securing start up investment from FSE to deliver a significant project for the Cabinet Office was the catalyst for TriCIS’ growth and its expansion into wider areas of secure integrated systems to protect against cyber threats including researching and developing new bespoke deployments of Encryption, PCoIP and Geofencing capabilities in more recent years. The company is maturing with Martin Edwards, Nick Minett-Smith, Ann-Marie Warner-Read, Jeff Van Horn and James Cook joining the leadership team to create a formidable unit with a pedigree in national security and military service.

It is that shared history which has engendered a passion for protecting people and institutions on the front line, be it on the battlefield or in Government offices, at home and abroad. It is why the colour of the company logo mirror that of the Army, Royal Navy and Air Force. But, TriCIS’ work is also central to supporting humanitarian work globally, being utilised by the British military when deployed for disaster recovery and rescue, be they natural or otherwise. There are nations who depend upon the expertise and reliability of TriCIS equipment and systems.

TriCIS are ready for the challenges of the future and welcome the Government’s strategy that “Science and technology will be elevated to the highest importance as a component of national security with a particular emphasis on growing cyber power.”

The digital revolution has forever transformed the traditional environment of the battlefield and TriCIS has the innovative capability and expertise to meet the evolving challenges to deliver bespoke solutions.

The UK remains the focus of TriCIS work, but TriCIS will also seek to expand its capabilities into NATO, the US and other strategic alliances of the UK. And, when it is advantageous for the client, TriCIS will utilise its network of partners to collaborate and share expertise to the mutual benefit across allies.

The next decade promises much for TriCIS and its critical role supporting the front line and delivering a safer and more secure planet.