Government Assured Encryption Solutions

Protect your most valuable assets with our Government grade, end-to-end encryption solutions

As the threat of cyber-attacks continue to soar, protecting classified and sensitive information and data driven infrastructure is at the top of the global military and government agenda. As users require more actionable intelligence at the edge, solutions need to be developed that give them the confidence needed to process, exploit and disseminate data securely and safely.

At TriCIS, we specialise in the research, design, development and production of a wide range of custom engineered end-to-end encryption solutions that provide the ultimate certified protection for Data at Rest and Data in Transit.

We work in collaboration with some of the leading innovators in encryption technology to deliver NCSC approved information assurance solutions (Confidentiality, Integrity and Authentication) for systems, services and devices deployed into military, government and commercial work spaces.

TRICIS encryption solutions can be deployed in all environments from benign to arduous high threat, meeting the needs of the user whilst providing the certified assurance required to protect the information.

Government Assured Encryption Solutions

Features and Benefits:

  • Provide instant protection for Data-at-Rest with no impact on performance
  • Premium device protection at multiple classification levels for air, land, and sea platforms
  • Smaller form factor for a more discrete solution

Product Spotlight

TriCIS 5424 Semi-Rugged Laptop

Action-packed Performance

With best-in-class rugged performance and an incredible thin and light form factor, the TriCIS version of DELL Rugged laptop range enables you to push your limits and deliver in tough environments.

The laptop features a rigid magnesium alloy, shock-absorbent case, is IP52 ingress certified against dust and water. It can withstand extreme temperatures and be dropped from up to 6’ making it the ideal partner in harsh environments. Beneath the hard shell are top-spec internals as standard such as an 8th generation Intel processor, 32 GB of ram and a 128-bit dedicated graphics processor.

Available with an integrated Viasat Eclypt Encryption module.

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TriCIS TS-S410 G3

Semi-Rugged, Secure with Increased Expansion Capability

Featuring a variety of current- gen Intel® Core™ processors, the TriCIS S-410 Semi-Rugged notebook boasts high performance and usability to be deployed as required. Its 14” display delivers your content in a crystal-clear manner.

The S410 is built from the inside out to survive drops, shocks, spills, vibration thus guaranteeing maximum information assurance in even the harshest environments.

Available with an integrated Viasat Eclypt Encryption module.

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Eclypt Core 600 Standard DAR Laptop

CAPS Certified ViaSat UK Eclypt 600/Enhanced Protection in 11’th Generation Intel® Core Laptop. Dell’s line of most scalable laptops are redesigned smaller and smarter than ever. Now offered with 11’th generation Intel Core Processors all the way up to the i7 range for advanced secure computing, the TS-5520-V contains custom circuitry designed by TriCIS to provide Viasat DAR Encryption services with read/write speeds exceeding 87/77 MB/s R/W while keeping the slick form-factor and no external modifications.

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TriCIS TS-5430-V Eclypt Core 600 DAR Laptop

AVAILABLE NOW! The TriCIS TS-5430-V high performance, semi-rugged, custom engineered laptop with CAPS Certified Viasat UK Eclypt 600 encryption. 

The 14” laptop is lightweight, powerful, equipped with enhanced battery life, and up to Intel® Core™ i7 processors. The TS-5430-V contains custom circuitry designed by TriCIS to provide Viasat DAR Encryption services within its original form. 

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