Geofencing | Zero Trust

Protect your greatest assets with our Secure Integrated Solutions

How we work is changing. We are all embracing a new era of remote and mobile working. But in a world where security is the highest priority, how do we protect our data when we are on-the-go?

The solution is Booz Allen Hamilton’s District Defend® secure mobility software.

By working in partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton, TriCIS are now offering the District Defend® secure mobility software to clients within the UK and across Europe. District Defend® delivers a unique RFID Geofencing technology which enables mobile devices to comply with organisational security rules, extending security features beyond encryption and allowing systems operators to develop a robust mobile defence without compromising the user experience.

Features and Benefits:

  • Secure data and network access in the office and on the go
  • Automated proactive protection for your data and devices based on bespoke security rules
  • Unmatched asset management tools
  • Zero Trust access for devices
  • Real time protection against security threats regardless of work location or network