TS-S410 Semi-Rugged Laptop
Semi-Rugged, Secure with Increased Expansion Capability

Featuring a variety of current- gen Intel® Core™ processors, the TS-410 Semi-Rugged notebook boasts high performance and usability to be deployed as required. Its 14” display delivers your content in a crystal-clear manner.

The S410 is built from the inside out to survive drops, shocks, spills, vibration thus guaranteeing maximum information assurance in even the harshest environments.

SDIP 27/1 TEMPEST Level A Certified (UK CFTCS) and MIL-STD 810G.

SKU: TS-S410-A

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  • Intel® Core™ Whiskey Lake Processors
  • 14” TFT LCD Display
  • 4Gb DDR4 RAM Expandable to 64Gb
  • Certified to SDIP-27 Level A UK CFTCS
  • Ability to accommodate 2.5" drive in a removable caddy
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