TriCIS Ltd Announces Integration of Teradici Technology with Release of New T-Zero PCoIP® Capability

Teradici and TriCIS Ltd today announced the integration of Teradici PCoIP technology into TriCIS’ new T-Zero PCoIP client.

PCoIP Zero Clients allow customers to easily manage and secure their endpoints in a virtual desktop or cloud environment. These ultra-secure endpoints use highly integrated, purpose-built processors to transmit pixels instead of data to the user’s desktop. The release of the new TriCIS T-Zero PCoIP capability in a laptop form factor is a great addition to the over 3 million zero client endpoints deployed worldwide. By delivering PCoIP in a laptop form, end users can benefit from greater mobility while saving the space, weight and power of alternative solutions. 

“It is my pleasure to announce that Teradici’s PCoIP capability can now be accessed from TriCIS’s T-Zero Laptop form factor client. Teradici is known for its strength in providing an alternative to a full desktop deployment. The administration and reliability of PCoIP Zero Clients will allow customers to decrease response times on issues and enhance the desktop experience without the need to worry about locking doors or removing and locking up hard drives. This partnership offers strong support for our business” said Antony Summerfield, CEO of TriCIS Ltd.

“As virtual machines become more widespread for a variety of users with varying needs, the need for different ways of accessing them has become more important,” said Brian Lowe, vice president of OEM sales for Teradici. “TriCIS has brought an interesting and innovative solution to market in the T-Zero Laptop, and we are thrilled to see the company expand the range of endpoint solutions available for customers.”

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