TriCIS Ltd is proud to announce that as of the 1st of June 2020 the company has been added to the NCI Agency’s Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) programme. The NCI Agency, NATO’s technology and cyber leaders, helps NATO Nations communicate and work together in smarter ways. Established in 2012 as part of a NATO reform, the Agency was built on a 65-year legacy of their predecessors supporting Allied operations.

The NCI Agency’s BOA programme provides an accelerated and cost-effective procurement method for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products and services, offering a standardised contract format and contract terms and conditions for all suppliers and NATO Nations. This allows local purchasers to avoid unnecessary and repeated negotiation by local purchasers (often leading to variable results) leading to a faster and simpler processing of competitive procurements.

TriCIS enables Governments, Military & Defence, NATO and 5-Eyes community users to access information capabilities that are tailored to their missions, locations and roles, through a choice of our solutions over a cost effective, modern and adaptable infrastructure.

Our approach is always to have the end user and joint vision foremost in our thinking. TriCIS works collaboratively and is flexible and agile in its approach to meet new and emerging demands.

TriCIS brings with it a wide range of OEM and engineering partnerships/relationships with Tier 1 vendors, in-country industry leaders and service integrators. Whether an arm of the US military wants T-Zero capability with integrated Teradici PCoIP technology delivered to US Defence forces, or a NATO member state wants specific TEMPEST equipment, TriCIS can deliver with all the appropriate approvals and legalities covered via a growing number of frameworks. Collaboration is key to TriCIS, and its relationships with Teradici and others afford TriCIS access to a wide range of experts to work with from an engineering level to a strategic programme level.