NEW! TriCIS Roomkit and Optiplex awarded certification to UK CFCTS 27/2 Standard

Alongside our already comprehensive catalogue of certified products, we are pleased to report a further two office working solutions within our range have been independently certified by QintetiQ to UK CFCTS SDIP 27/2 TEMPEST standards – the TriCIS VTC Mini Roomkit and the TriCIS Optiplex 7080.

The TriCIS VTC Mini Roomkit, which has been certified to UK CFTCS Level A, delivers an all-in-one modular solution for secure video conferencing. Based on the Cisco Webex™ Roomkit Mini system, the TriCIS VTC Mini Roomkit builds on the comprehensive security suite of the Cisco platform with TEMPEST grade security. This versatile solution can be utilized both on the desktop for individual communications or serve a small to mid-sized collaboration space with the addition of our accredited 55” 4k resolution screen. This product complements our existing 8845 IP-phone solution for Cisco orientated web conferencing.

The TriCIS 7080 Optiplex PC is our latest slimline desktop, recently certified to NATO Level B. By collaborating with Dell, we’ve created a sleek working solution while not sacrificing on power, utilizing the latest generation Intel® processors and powering displays through a dedicated AMD graphics card. With our custom designed facia, we’ve also incorporated a front accessible CRU® removable drive caddy to aid data storage policies.

We pride ourselves in creating secure integrated solutions that protect our client’s data and intelligence from malicious attacks including a range of laptops for use in both the office and in the field, communications and peripherals, as well as Roomkits and PCs. These newly certified solutions will help us continue to meet this demand.

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