AVAILABLE TO ORDER NOW! The T-Zero® PCoIP Rugged Laptop with a years’ warranty and cloud access software included

PCoIP Zero Client laptops are more popular than ever with more than 3 million currently deployed worldwide. It’s no wonder then that we have seen an unprecedented level of interest in our T-Zero® Rugged laptops in recent months. We are delighted to inform you that, whilst we are operating a waiting list for our T Zero Lite form factor, the Rugged option is available to order immediately.

The TriCIS T-Zero® PCoIP ultra-secure user access devices utilise a purpose built Teradici 2321 processor to transmit pixels instead of data to users via the PC-over-IP protocol. PCoIP delivers a secure, high-definition and highly responsive computing experience using advanced display compression to provide a secure alternative to traditional local computers. By delivering the PCoIP capability in a Lite and Rugged laptop form, end users can benefit from greater mobility while saving the space, weight and power when compared to a traditional workstation.

Suitable for use across a range of environments, The TriCIS T-Zero® PCoIP Rugged laptop offers:

  • Stateless compute. Securing your data by only sending pixels to users’ screens with no local storage or application OS present on the device
  • Radically simplified desktop maintenance and reduced TCO through centralised management of PCoIP clients
  • Improved IT productivity while delivering a superior visual experience
  • A more comfortable computing environment with less heat and noise than traditional workstations

Additionally, Government Encryption is available for those secure remote access users such as persons requiring to work from home at higher security tiers.

The T-Zero Rugged device – encased in a MIL-STD 810 and IP rated chassis – is suitable for use in a range of more exposed government and military environments and is available as non-TEMPEST, UK CFTCS SDIP 27/2 standard or UK Naval Below/Above Decks.

Not only is this model available now but, throughout July, we will be offering an extended warranty and free cloud access software as standard.

Contact us today to speak to a member of the Sales Team: Jeffvanhorn@tricis.co.uk; contact_us@tricis.co.uk