Innovation. In the tech world, almost every company claims to be innovative. By definition, Innovation is the ability to generate ideas that create value or improve process. Who wouldn’t want their company to achieve that. But only a few could claim to have acquired the talent and harnessed the power of their continuous reflection, unattached exploration of thought, and opportunistic nature to deliver true innovation.

Innovation forms the foundation of TriCIS’ services and capabilities. Without giving value to the courage, mental resilience, exceptional creativity, and abstract thinking our Systems Architects and Engineers, conceptualising highly bespoke office solutions designed to meet the complex data security requirements of our client’s organisations simply would not be impossible.

However, the ability to conceptualise and design solutions is just one cog in the TriCIS machine. We cannot claim true innovation unless the value of their endeavours is found. Innovation can become very costly if not managed carefully and not just in the monetary sense. Companies risk time, resources and their reputation on ideas that may never come to fruition. Unless…

… cue James Cook, our newly appointed Programme Director at TriCIS Ltd.

As an Engineering Graduate, with almost 20 years’ service to the industry, managing large scale programmes for defence and government clients with the likes of Blazepoint and API Technologies, James’ depth of understanding of the sector, the technologies we develop, and the requirements of our clients is second to none. But more importantly, James’ natural focus makes him absolutely the right person to successfully bring intricate and commercially sensitive products to market.

James will happily say that simply getting older has made him a better Programme Manager. A natural problem solver, James has always been highly organised, outcome focussed and exceptional at visualising and mapping project tasks, stages, and phases to successfully deliver results. But it is the continuous practice and development of his interpersonal skills that he believes makes him shine as a leader.

James says, “When working at the centre of a business like TriCIS, tasked with delivering high-grade cyber secure solutions and advanced engineering services for government and military partners, you meet and work with lots of different people with amazing ideas and exacting requirements. Whilst it can be tricky to strike a balance sometimes, I try to remember the humanity behind it all. By taking the time to listen and plan carefully, we have been able to create solutions that offer true value to our clients, delivering the data assurance they need to keep their people, and their organisations safe from cyber threat and violation.”

As Programme Director at TriCIS, James is responsible for overseeing the delivery of our cyber secure, encryption, and custom engineered working solutions. We are delighted that he has accepted this new position and welcome him to our Leadership Team.