Chief Executive Officer

Antony Summerfield Co-Founded TriCIS in 2017. As CEO, he has built a strong and capable organisation first becoming the UK’s leading provider of independently tested, NCSC certified TEMPEST solutions for the UK’s Government and Defence sector, but later diversifying into high grade encryption, secure manufacturing, and enterprise solutions to meet the ever-growing security demands of the sector.

With more than 25 years of engagement with the Government and Defence community, Antony recognised the need for an agile and trustworthy SME brand, grounded by a deep understanding of the specialist environment with the ability to deliver large-scale projects.

Steadfast in his vision, and with an intense sense of purpose, Antony assembled a team of renowned and knowledgeable Executive Leaders, Systems Architects, Engineers, and business services staff, along with whom he has delivered record revenue growth year on year since the company’s inception.

Antony says, “Innovation in collaboration is at the core of everything we do at TriCIS. We value the skills and capabilities of those within our team, as well as those that are delivered through the partnership ecosystem we have developed with leading global technology providers. By working together, we have bult a robust and successful organisation, based on trust and integrity, delivering on our shared mission to support the security, independence, and interests of our Government and Defence partners.”

By working closely with military departments and personnel throughout his career, Antony has developed a passion for supporting the Armed Forces community through policy and charitable endeavors. One of his greatest personal achievements has been the recognition TriCIS has received for their continued commitment to the Armed Forces community by the Defence Employers Recognition Scheme.

“By introducing policies acknowledging the rights and unique requirements of Veterans and serving Reservists, our aim is to become an employer of choice for those who serve, or who have served. We recognise the incredible skills and unique experiences that military personnel develop through service and will continue to grow our team supporting individuals looking to utilise those skills in a corporate environment such as TriCIS. We also offer mentorship opportunities to those looking to enlist and sponsorship to charities and organisations that support the health and wellbeing of those who serve, who have served and their families.”

Chief Executive Officer