TriCIS launch new highly secure GETAC notebook

We are excited to announce the launch of the GETAC V110 rugged notebook, complete with our highly secure encryption capability – Viasat’s Core 600 Encryption module.

The Getac V110 rugged notebook features a lightweight chassis built from high quality magnesium alloy and is specifically engineered to protect the computer against drops, shocks, heavy rain, vibration, dust and more. Perfect for extended, hostile or remote working environments.

However, what makes the Getac V110 exceptional is its high performance, industry-leading encryption capability – engineered by TriCIS. By working in collaboration with one of the leading global innovators in encryption technology, TriCIS has custom built an NCSC approved information assurance encryption solution that provides premium device protection at multiple classification levels in military and government.

The Getac V110 features:

  • Viasat Core 600 encryption protection through custom integrated hardware module
  • Two-factor authentication through Touch Token or KeyStone
  • USB MIL-STD-810H certified, IP65 certified, MIL-STD-461G certified (Optional)
  • TEMPEST modification option for SDIP 27/2 Level A to C UK CFTCS

TriCIS CEO, Antony Summerfield says, “Here at TriCIS, we are dedicated to supporting the security, independence and interest of the government, MOD and NATO allied partners. By working in collaboration with our innovation partners we are able to create exceptionally secure solutions, designed to protect the people, places and infrastructure of the customers we serve. We are extremely proud of our partnership with GETAC and delighted to be able to offer the new V110 rugged device to our customers.”

For more information about the Getac V110 Rugged CLICK HERE or contact Jeff Van Horn by emailing