TriCIS and CP North America Announce New Engineering Partnership

Today, we are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new engineering partnership with CP North America LLC. This collaboration will enable us to explore and exploit the natural synergy between the two organisations. CP North America have a rich heritage of engineering, having spent the past 20 years designing and manufacturing rugged computing systems for industrial, commercial and defence applications. Whereas, TriCIS bring their extensive expertise in designing, engineering and testing certified, military grade secure integrated solutions for the UK government and defence sector, as well as NATO partners, to the partnership.

This exciting alliance allows us to share our capabilities, resources, knowledge and passion for engineering. Our aim is to create an extended portfolio and wider reaching opportunities to deliver first class secure rugged solutions to the NATO and Five Eyes communities.

Our CEO, Antony Summerfield says, “Building strong relationships and working in alliance with some of the world’s most advanced technology companies is something we are passionate about at TriCIS. Developing innovative and practical computing solutions that provide data assurance and protection to users in hostile and remote workplaces can only be explored fully when we share knowledge, skills, resource and networks with others who have a deep understanding of the sector in which we operate. Our new partnership with CP North America will allow us to deliver better solutions to a wider network and ultimately protect the security, independence and interests of our clients.”

“The security enhancements and capabilities TriCIS brings are significant,” said Mike McCormack, CP North America’s president and CEO. “Adding our state-of-the-art design and U.S. manufacturing capabilities with its cutting-edge security solutions will ensure the best products for our customers.”

Following a tour of their facilities in Arizona and the official signing of the partnership agreement, CP North America and TriCIS are attending AFCEA West 2022 , February 16-18, in San Diego and will be available to discuss the remote working range including the TriCIS T-Zero® Rugged PCoIP ultra-secure device, the lightweight, virtual T-Zero laptop, and the CP North America CPZ Zero-Client tablet.

For more information about this partnership or to arrange a meeting at AFCEA West 2022, contact or