Whilst some may consider TriCIS a relative newcomer when it comes to the design, engineering and manufacturing of secure working solutions for the Defence and Government sectors, the backbone of the company consists of highly experienced, skilled and knowledgeable individuals, some with more than 40 years of working practice in the field.

In 2017, TriCIS founders Antony Summerfield, Tim Luxford and Rob Cook (ex-Senior TEMPEST Certification Engineer for CESG), assembled a world class team of Leaders, Systems Architects, and Engineers to take on the task of delivering TEMPEST computer systems to government departments and commercial organisations across the UK and Europe. This expert team of individuals includes Nick Minett-Smith – a name synonymous with TEMPEST solutions within certain Government and Defence corridors and the ‘Man to call’ when in need of highly secure office equipment solutions.

After training as an Engineering Apprentice at GCHQ in the seventies, Nick honed his TEMPEST testing skills at SPL, testing Government office equipment throughout the eighties before developing his understanding of digital solutions with IBM. But as the new decade begun, he decided to launch his own company, SST, working with Government departments designing engineering concepts for TEMPEST solutions and importing products internationally to meet the user need.

He continued to build his business, and his little black book, throughout the nineties and early noughties before retiring in 2005. However, little could keep this man from the industry he loved. So, he joined API Europe in 2005 as a consultant working with the likes of GCHQ and the Cabinet Office engineering and testing products to the highest UK standards. In 2009, his original Brainchild, SST, was floundering. So, Nick rejoined the company and helped to increase sales significantly before it was successfully sold.

Five years at Eurotempest UK followed. Where he re-joined forces with Rob Cook, now CTO here at TriCIS and worked with him as the Technical Engineer, advising the MOD and conceptualizing solutions to meet their secure working needs.

On the formation of TriCIS in 2017, Nick joined the team as Director of TEMPEST SALES . Not even a handful of people in the UK can possibly say that they are as highly experienced, or as highly regarded as Nick when it comes to TEMPEST solutions architecture. Thanks to the incredible work that Nick, Rob and the wider engineering team here at TriCIS do, we are proud to say that we are the UK’s leading provider of independently tested, NCSC certified TEMPEST computers, network, communication and peripheral products. In addition to Information Assured products, the experienced TriCIS team design and develop solutions to meet any military standards such as MIL STD 461 and Def Stan 59-411 for EMC and MIL STD 810 and DEF STAN 00-35 for ruggedization making our products ideal for use within the Defence sector.

For more information about our TEMPEST products, visit our TEMPEST page. Or, if you are looking for secure working solutions certified to the highest standards, contact Nick today. He is, after all, the ‘Man to call’!

Get in touch by emailing contact_us@tricis.com or calling 01252 907782