TriCIS Launches TECTUS Secure Mobility Solution for Assured Information Exchange

TriCIS, a leading provider of Secure Integrated Solutions, has launched TECTUS, a secure mobility solution. TECTUS enables users to travel freely whilst maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and authentication required for information to be stored and exchanged at SECRET and TOP SECRET. TECTUS incorporates NCSC certified data-at-rest and data-in-transit encryption products, utilising the VIASAT DARC and an appropriate PRIME or HAIPE complaint L3 cryptographic device. TriCIS products are UK CFTCS TEMPEST Level A, supplied in either a ruggedized or standard (obfuscated) laptop configuration.

The TECTUS suite also comes equipped with a mobile TSCM system, Signify Li-Fi, and the latest TRICIS NOMAD (powered by Albeego). The NOMAD is an obfuscated network bonding platform enabling bearer of opportunity communications such as the Barrett next generation HF Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) radio or across the OneWeb Low Earth Orbit (LEO) network. TECTUS is fully contained within an air safe Peli Case, enabling the system to be carried in the overhead compartments of commercial airlines.

TriCIS, working with our partners, provides secure mobility in all environments, tailored to the user’s needs. Adhering to Security by Design principles, TECTUS enables assured freedom of manoeuvre in all environments.

TriCIS invites interested parties to contact them or visit their stand at DSEI, stand H1-840, to learn more about TECTUS and their other secure integrated solutions.

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